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Hobby Electronics

The world of hobby electronics is created out of great passion for building (as well as taking apart) gadgets of all kinds. Robots, solar-powered devices, DIY home automation gizmos, and anything else sparked by wild imagination that moves, beeps or flashes, are part of in this exciting world. No objects or ideas are off-limits and any devices that would otherwise be regarded as "junk" are welcome additions to a hobby electronics project.

A Passion for Curiosity and Play

Pink RobotHobby electronics combines creativity and tinkering as part of the fun process of creating devices that are born out of passion, learning, dedication, curiosity and, most importantly, play.

Examples of hobby electronics projects are amateur radios, robot kits, solar powered devices, all sorts of DIY electronics kits, remote controlled gadgets, and also includes taking things apart (and hopefully managing to put them together again!), modifying and adding them to a new device, etc. These gizmos are generally built using and programming microcontrollers, such as the PIC, AVR, 8051, Motorola 68HC11, among others, and most recently the newest sensation, the open source Arduino platform.

Shop our large selection of single board computers at MCM ElectronicsIt is not uncommon for electronics hobbyists to use retro technology parts, though, as working with new technology can sometimes be cumbersome or just downright difficult. Retro or obsolete electronics parts are simpler and easier to learn.

The Electronics Hobbyist provides fun electronic kits, Arduino products, robot kits, and RC hobby items. We hope you will find the resources offered here useful and relevant, and that you will discover everything you need to spark your creativity, develop your projects, and enjoy the process, regardless of where you are in your recreational pursuit of this seriously fun hobby.

Take some time to look around, and make sure you visit our hobby electronics blog, as well as our brand shop, The Electronics Hobbyist on CafePress. Your feedback is always welcome.

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